Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art Inspirations

As I take my art and concentration to the next step, I take a minute to step back and think about who's inspiring me. Behind my ideas, I draw up my inspiration from lyrics in music and hidden emotions of people. I look to musical artists such as Rise Against and My Chemical Romance to reflect their lyrics in my work. In my opinion, I feel musical artists are wanting to make a change in our society and depict a side we don't think about or understand very well. When I listen to music, I always have a new feeling towards it, whether it's my first time listening to it or my 100th time.
However, my actual art is built up from several different people and their styles. One inspiration is French artist Florian Nicolle and her style of lines. Her lines are mostly contour that develop one whole, united picture. Decorating her lines are splatter marks of watercolour-like designs. Some pictures are purposely incomplete, yet are filled by the watercolour marks. The pictures she creates are shown through quick lines which expresses more emotion and 'rigorousness' as she claims. To me, it is such an unique style that has never really been exposed to me before and influences me to try my own style.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Concentration Ideas (AP)

1) Outcast/Antler boy (storyboard)

2)(Expression/Emotion Through) Eyes

3) Music based (interpretations of songs)

4) (A person's) comforts

5) Selected focus

6) What's Seen but Not Understood (ex: Tree)

7) Series of Continuous lines (Simple but Delicate) (ex: TV head/Neo-artist)

8) Cultures falling apart

9)7 Deadly Sins

10) Teenage Suicide

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Summer Side

Hey guys.
I just kinda wanted to post this. I never submitted it for a summer project (thinking that it wouldn't be allowed), but I was working with programs on the computer and made this cartoon-like picture based on the song "Party Rock Anthem" from LMFAO.
I'd love comments to know what you guys think about cartoons like this. Thanks.

Monday, September 5, 2011


1. What does the face of uncertainty mean to you?

2. How do you feel about the notion of, "doing something no one much cares wether you do, and for which there may be niether audience nor reward"?

3. The Assumptions: take one of the assumptions listed below and consider your personal relationship to it. How does the assumption relate to your feelings and thoughts toward art and artmaking? Please write a short paragraph analyzing the chosen assumption and your relationship to it.
- Artmaking invloves skill that can be learned
- Art is made by ordinary people
- Making art and viewing art are different at their core:
*to all viewers but yourself, what matters most is the product/ finished artwork
* your job is to learn to work on your work:
-even failed pieces are essential,
-you learn to make art by making your art,
-make art you care about and make LOTS of it!

4. Artmaking has been around longer than the art establishment.
1. Definition/ Identity as an artist has both drawbacks and benefits. What does labeling yourself as an artist do for you or not do for you personally?
2. What does labeling yourself as an artist do or not do for you as others view you?

1) The face of uncertainty to me is the world unknown. It's something that we fear and we do not acknowledge in our eyes. Possibly something we subconsciously want to avoid.

2) In art, we make things, whether it's personal or for other people. In some people's eyes, our art isn't acknowledged, and may never be. Not all art must be rewarded or acknowledged. I feel that is something we must all come to terms with. (However, that is easier said than done.) Doing what we love, must at first be for ourselves; we must know what we love doing, and do it to our fulliest.

3) Art is made by ordinary people-
Everyday, everyone makes art. Art does not need to be made by someone who has the talents of Picasso or Da Vinci. Art is made by people who have the passion for it. It can be made by people who have disabilities, but aren't recognized. As for me, I am an ordinary person. I have never found something truly special about my art or abilities. I find myself to be a regular person, but a passion that wants to be seen as something else; something more. This, I believe, is how people create their art. They want to share a part of them that isn't really seen by the eyes of others. I'm similar in that way.

4) I find 'labeling' myself as an artist something hard to do. I am a maker of art, yes, but I don't believe I have the capabilities of being called an artist yet. To me, 'artist' is an honorable title, one that I haven't achieved yet. HOWEVER, I do hope that one day I will be able to have such a title. I wouldn't let a title like that go to my head, I would want to live up to it.
If other people see me as an artist (which some do) I would want to make them proud, and hope that they understand how hard I've tried to earn such a title.